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Enhanced Tourist Destinations By Our Service Network Of:

Designers, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturer, Suppliers, Construction, Equipment, Consultants


Supply & Services For Theme Parks,  Resort Hotels, City Planning, Theme Restaurants, Playgrounds,

Leisure Facilities & Transportation

Custom Manufacture, Construction, Consultation & Management, Including Turnkey Service, Buildings/Structures, Landscaping, Signage, Selection & Training of Personnel.

We accept challenges to include the following areas:

Open Consortium representing clients for project and bespoke design development of leisure property, theme parks, family entertainment centers, ride and attraction design and fabrication, i.e. snowdome, resort hotel, golf course design, waterpark.

Specializing in: custom people mover rides, railroad, live steam locomotive, trackless trains, trams, trolley, replica ships, reproduction boats, pirate vessels, specialty vehicle, amusement and theme park design, consultation and management.

Please note that in addition to hotel casino design/construction/management; we do fully integrated resorts, theme park, mixed use developments, waterpark,  railroad, residential, people movers, family entertainment centers, race track design, motorsport car design, snow ski resorts (indoor our outdoor), retail, commercial, and office complexes, marinas, ships, boats, steam locomotive, tourist railroads, full infrastructure including waste management, paving, cablecar, telephrique, cable-car, Light Rail Transport, téléfrique and monorail transportation. Our networked associates have a proven track record on all aspects of construction and operation which includes theme park design, trackless trains, ropeway, ski lift, aerial cable car, funicular, and enhance leisure development.


Service offered on behalf of private investors, Commercial Investment Screening and Review of Exec.Summary in suitable project selection process. This followed by support from our Strong Professional Design and Management Services.

Seeking association with investors as Investor’s Representative vetting viable projects for the following leisure and entertainment types; Contract Services Offered as Consultants in one or more of the following fields:

1. Architecture, Theme Park, Waterpark

2. Motorsports Race Track Design

3. Horse and Equestrian Facility Design

4. Management Contracts, Consultancy and Advisory Services

5. Business Plans, Masterplan

6. Prepare for Venture Capital, Funding, Finance, Investment, Angel

7. Eco-tourism, Ag-tourism, Equestrian Tourism.

8. Risk Assessment and Analysis Environmental Appraisal

9. Safety and Security Operations and Controls

10. Executive Protection Advice and Planning

11. Specialist Security Team Establishment and Deployment

12. Recreational Theme Park Concepts For Security and Safety

13. Amusement and Entertainment Complex Systems

14. Shopping Mall and Precint Safety and Security Systems

15. Hotel, Casino, Stadium, Race Track, Arena, Stadium Design

16. Leisure, Hotel, Golf Course, Theme Park, Water Park, Zoo, Casino, Hospitality, Restaurant Operation and Management

17. Perimeter and Construction Site, Environmental, Airport, Golf Course, Hospital Design

18. Start-up Operations, Work Force Specifications and Selection

19. Security Training and Bomb Awareness for all Security Chauffeur Training Courses

20. IT Networks and Network Security

21. Safety Reviews and Surveys for Operators and Clients

22. Convenience Store, Fast Food, Gas Station

23. Airport Runway; Hangars, Helipad, Heli-pad

24. Highway Paving

25. Food and Beverage, Restaurant Planning and Design

26. Hospitality Presentation Services and Training

27. Ride and Attractions Specification, Procurement, Repairs, Installation

28. Automated, Road or Tracked Transportation, Funiculars, Trolleys, Cableways and Equipment Design, Manufacture, Repairs, Installation, people movers

29. Entertainment Facility and Amusement Park Concepts

30. Project Management and Construction Director

31. Landscape Designer, Assisted Living Architect

32. Transportation Systems, People Mover Engineer: monorail, funicular, téléfrique, cablecar, telephrique, cable-car,  ropeway, railroad, automatic tram, ski lift, elevator, moving sidewalks, rubber tyre or rubber tire trams and trackless trains.


rail train theme park steam locomotive sightseeing tourist railroad


Amusement Theme Park Trains, on track, monorail or ropeway. Design, Railroad Construction, Locomotive Repair, Restoration and Manufacture Steam Locomotive”; Tourist Railroad; Trolley; Cable Car; Ropeway, Ski lift; aerial gondola, Funicular.


We have locomotive and boiler shops located in Europe as well as North America.

One of our principal shops was first established in the year 1914. From that date we have been dealing with steam locomotives and are now one of the last full scale commercial steam locomotive workshops remaining in the entire world.


Design Build – Steam Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Diesel Electric Raiload tourist passenger trains.


We have ship building facilities also. Naval architecture boat and ship construction for theme parks, movie or charter replica or reproduction boat industry. Top Sail to row boats we produce working reproductions or static replicas for museum or themed exhibits. We have built HORSE Drawn Carriages for many well known famous people.


Contact us for your special requests and projects. We cannot list all our capabilities on this page!

 Enhancing Tourist Destinations

        Summer Ski Slope/Dry Slide       Laser Tag Arena        Motorsports Speedway        Indoor Go-kart Racing

Hotel        Ski/Sports Training Complex   Snowdome    Ski Slope        Equestrian Riding Stables        Arcade and Game Room        Restaurant        Train, Monorail, Shuttle        Amusement Park        Recreation Park        Themed Restaurant        Water Slide        

We accomplish whatever project you assign. 

Building upon your idea, we organize into a strong development team/consortium: project managers, designers, writers, illustrators, financial services, economists, architects, engineers, urban planners, fabricators, transportation manufacturers, consultants.  

We can take any project from concept through opening. Once the property is open, if you request, we shall supply the operation management team. You will end up here, why not start here?  


Typical services include, but not limited to: design, fabrication and construction. 

Typical projects include, but not limited to:  indoor snow play, theme park, leisure centre, sport center, zoological park, aquarium, equestrian facility, hotel, resort, fun fairs, public transportation system, and motor sport speedway track.

Contact Information

Middle East and Worldwide Broker Amusement Services, Architecture, Rides, Engineering, Equipment ARTICO BUSINESS Corp.

Sales: rafi_artinian@yahoo.com